FANSKI to the overall strength of innovation and excellence Shanghai Bund Yao Chi


May 28, 2013 -31, 18 China (Shanghai) international kitchen, bathroom facilities exhibition (referred to as the 18 Shanghai Chuwei show) held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the industry's leading enterprises Fanski group after Frankfurt exhibition, Milan exhibition, the largest scale, the most influential in native Asian International Chuwei exposition with over six hundred square meters, booth area and at the same time over more than three hundred and fifty, industry new show shine in known as "Chinese bathroom Oscar" said the Shanghai sanitary ware exhibition. The Fanski exhibit both the industrial product or brand atmosphere, again beyond industry many leading international brand, guide the kitchen industry in 2013 "barometer" and "wind vane" once again climbing a peak, the Fanski group is brought together domestic and foreign trade two-way force and boost the exhibition, while the Fanski group where the E3 Exhibition once again become a continuous a few days one of the most popular pavilions.



Reportedly, the current Shanghai Chuwei show a total exhibition area of 200000 square meters, indoor and outdoor 50000 square meters, domestic kitchen brand gathered here from all corners of the country, the participating enterprises, including Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan Guangdong, Kaiping, Chaozhou, Shenzhen, Fujian, Nanan, Xiamen, Sichuan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Taizhou, according to incomplete statistics, more than 90% of the domestic Fanski-line brand will debut exhibition, naturally including the Kohler, TOTO, Roca, Hans G Ya, American Standard, Inax, Franke, Norwich lini and many other international brands. Fist once again landing Shanghai bathroom exhibition, is brought in addition to innovation of industrial products enterprise excellent strength and national brand atmosphere, during the exhibition to visit and negotiate cooperation only in Fist booth in the domestic and foreign guests, thousands of people, and even Nantong, Changzhou, Chongqing and other distributors group to come to learn the most distant, and international customers in Europe and America, the Middle East, including Singapore and new and old customers step directly to Fist exhibition products and service area to seek cooperation.


As the most authoritative and influential in Asia - Shanghai Chuwei show once a year, and this year has been successfully held for 18 years. The exhibition aims to show the kitchen industry trend new and innovative technology. Show held constant, scale more and more big, the exhibitors are increasing year by year. Many well-known brand sanitary ware manufacturer co own unique exhibition theme, idea, product and enterprise culture in Shanghai bathroom exhibition, intended to bring the most beautiful enterprise, the most valuable, most can manifest the spirit of enterprise products, ideas, themes or culture show. While the Fanski year effort to build a modern minimalist European wind, set exhibited a high quality, high quality and excellence in one of the modern, once again won the positive attention from guest customers. Fist and the other point is beneficial to the fine development of open source strategy industry in recent years the rapid, in the enterprise scale significantly increased at the same time, the brand effect and the performance increase development appears day by day.



Fanski group development to today, you can find the innovation group each industry in the design and the function of the product of is through double enhance the quality and quantity of the show through. The exhibition on the Fanski performance, is even more profound impact on the lifestyle and selection of excellent quality pursue healthy home users. More and more new products through hundreds of industry of the new concepts, such as "human", "green" and "water", "energy saving", "health", "environmental protection", "science and technology", "intelligent" and so on have been gradually win support among the people, and all of this comes from the Fanski ultra 20 years of excellent quality for security.


In thanks to the Philippine special market trends and on continuous lead including channel partners and 40000 outstanding loyalty partner with heart, improve, innovation efforts, promote, and the result of innovation, on the other hand, Fanski by the domestic and international influential exhibition industry, let the world constantly aware of a new leader China sanitary ware industry -- FANSKI, we give the global health home users to trust, support and guide and selection. Include going out of the Frankfurt exhibition, Milan exhibition, and play a decisive role in the domestic Shanghai Chuwei show, to some extent, has brought lots of fresh elements to give each regional market development when the world. In the previous Shanghai Chuwei show, exhibition is the most wonderful thing, in a sense, the exhibition industry indicates that the direction of. In 2012, Shanghai Sanitary Ware Exhibition, intelligent toilet and other intelligent bathroom products, with several exhibition hall, the same year the bathroom toilet seat sales and market share occupied the entire industry leading. Many sanitary ware brand in 2013 the bathroom Exhibition on the Fanski led again the icing on the cake will sanitary industry in various series of improvement, enjoy the combination type function and appearance, material, in a more healthy, comfortable, human development and the pursuit of excellence. As the Fanski corner on the popularity high harp harp line shape color series shower pipe and a shower curtain wall, from this year the Shanghai overall development direction, the mainstream is still the Fanski success and excellence in vane.