FANSKI group 2014 annual "tamp foundation, accumulate steadily" spring Marketing Summit en


Fanski group information center in January 8 report: "jinshekuangwu bid farewell to the old year, the galloping horse Exhibition", Fanski group 2014 annual "tamp foundation, accumulate steadily" spring Marketing Summit held in Arcadia in five star international hotel. Marketing center near 200 city and area from all over the country director and partner representatives be fatigued with the journey to gather in Nanjing, to share the joy of harvest and the year of the snake, the good prospect of horse, together with the company to talk about friendship, and seek common development.



Session of the general assembly to "tamp foundation, accumulate steadily" as the theme, Fanski group chairman Chen Jianxin; group vice president Li Ping, Chen Hongjin, Cao Diheng; deputy director of marketing director Hao Ning, Xu Haifeng and five area director Cai Minxin, Zuo Hao, dry Ye Sheng, Guo Jun, Nie Jisheng attended the meeting.


Meeting chaired by vice director of South Xu Haifeng, marketing director Ning Hoton opening speech at the meeting and make important speech "tamp foundation, accumulate steadily 2014 marketing strategy", the new progress in the group market development in 2013 annual sales and obtained, as well as around the group strategy development achievements highly positive. At the same time in 2013 when all the members and partner marketing system of the brilliant achievements of a comprehensive review and summary, and finally on strategic planning and market layout ideas Fanski 2014 year and the next three years of strategic development goal do comprehensive exposition.



General assembly, Shandong Yantai, Anhui Wuhu, Jiangsu Nantong, Henan Jiaozuo, Chongqing marketing center representatives of hydraulic partner groups control, bathroom chain store operation and promotion of new products and antibacterial market planning area development, sharing and Conference National Partnership, won again and again the warm applause. South Marketing Manager Wang Guibing and area director ho left representing marketing headquarters center analysis, planning, implementation, "control", "intensive and meticulous farming, terminal winning" work report. While the South marketing vice director Xu Haifeng on behalf of the chain development department to make "2014 stores operating plan" report is obliterated the participating partners with mobile phone cameras taking pictures and recording storage space.


The overall development of R & D, quality line working group vice president Cao Diheng and in the south industry, production, PMC and information group vice president Chen Hongjin respectively in 2013 year the company related products R & D, production management, information construction and make comprehensive conference report. The two group leaders were pointed out in the report, over the years, the group headquarters facing severe market situation, establish confidence, innovative thinking, in accordance with the "marketing sinking, rational layout, comprehensive and innovative" business strategy and scientific planning, effective investment, steadily improving benefit business philosophy, to continue to identify to marketing as a leader innovation, integration as the main body, to expand production capacity and quality as the foundation, to develop new market and channel development, sanitary ware, plumbing pipe industry and new building materials chain as the supplement, and actively carry out the "innovation, development chain, information" into group second double ten years development stage, relates to product innovation, production testing, in the city management, chain development and information management and control measures, to continue to maintain sales revenue steadily growth smoothly over every quarter in 2014 to lay a solid foundation.



Different from the previous two session of the general assembly, at the meeting of the general assembly is the most successful in addition to share and report, family health water solution and a series of series, the industrial chain of the Fanski scale, new scene be presented at the conference. From the water flow into the family line that moment, whether it is to shower, toilet and bathroom GUI, or sink and leading to the kitchen space, from the Fanski step into the home water filtration, Fanski shown incomparable to health and safety concerns, let the senior partner in dozens of TUT years of praise, inside and outside three layer surrounded the product development team members constantly consulting. Jiangxi from the marketing partner very regrets said: "this group of the general assembly, pragmatic and innovative points too much, let us these charge in the frontline soldiers feel excitement and surprise, there are too many things to learn, to consult to the group headquarters", and many parts of Yantai marketing center, etc. money, the entire area marketing team into the Congress scene feeling atmosphere and continue to learn from the advanced experience of marketing center city and a group of brothers. "The group of the general assembly has a plurality of 'more' word feel" marketing center in Xinjiang responsible person laugh said: "this is not only in the arrangement of group conference reception and time on more detailed, more important is more abundant, in the four major industrial product display more reasonable product structure, industrial chain series more closely the real show, family health water scheme real wall is very exquisite beyond compare and color. And in the sales strategy and experience sharing in more colorful, and strategic planning for the year 2014 and the future development of more structured and clear.


Shock from Congress starts the countdown began, a never felt before Thanksgiving, "2013 2014" campaign and although very short, but distinctly in the objective will be 2013 all struggle with the wonderful and classic, together with the 2014 coming, memorable and feelings of the heart, love to the moving point back to the think of some difficulties and predicament last year that is worth. Everything is wonderful, everywhere want to take the mobile phone a non-stop shot......".



Conference in recognition of the 40 excellent bathroom Monopoly chain store distribution partners, as they fought in the market Fanski, sincere service to consumers, establish, maintain the Fanski good brand image, and create the outstanding achievement of advanced lead partner to give encouragement and affirmation. The grim situation, the industry's innovation, the courage to struggle, overfulfilled the annual marketing task, 15 of the country's regional marketing center outstanding representative, from Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong and other places of the 15 home obtain reward award on behalf of the Congress, on the podium after expression of the Chinese company's gratitude and confidence to continue the development of.


General assembly in group chairman Chen Jianxin summary speech ended smoothly, group chairman said 2013 is group of the flourishing development of glorious years, no matter is the bathroom industry billion breakthrough or chain development of single year growth of 350, both the industrial modernization expansion or innovative products from single to the series, from exploration to mature. Behind today's Hui except close linkage group each industry, closely also cannot do without the partner. Channel in 2013 where market economy background environment, every reform and development time of the group, there are a lot of practice and effort, but this is the Fanski core power and market trends and determination of. Intensified economic development channel competition, brand dominating the era. Contradictions and confusion, the development opportunities and problems is becoming more and more prominent. Channels are savage growth, lack of norms, each run phenomenon, directly affect the sustainable and healthy development of the cause of the channel. To lead the partners come out of the haze, towards unity and victory of the Congress, the aim is to give the confidence, courage, give power, keep the Fanski people brave to be the Fanski, and in essence. Feel the atmosphere, exchange of experience, discuss the problem, create opportunities, unity of thinking, to the successful use of the current session of the general assembly. In the summary and the next three to five years of strategic development outline to the national representative stated, encourage around the marketing partner in the challenges facing the prisoner's dilemma situation in the market for the industry, only focus on the overall situation and the future development, focus on the firm force and resource integration, focus will be confidence into power and determination. Focusing resources biggest move on, and I wish the conference a great success. The more enthusiastic applause for a long time around in the Congress scene.


To ensure that the congress victory is held, the meeting in addition to marketing department, South IMIS, R & D center, information center, purchasing and other departments shall bear the execution work each link of the conference, and strive to be the Fanski best, most professional, considerate service to all over the country and will better impression. Congress commended Nantong Marketing Center for Liu after the meeting said that "we now choose the Fanski banner development, will believe and echo and perform well when every instruction and target, through a more outstanding wonderful conference, this is Quan Guofei very gluttonous event, but thousands of health the family Gospel event, we have the confidence, the more determined in the group's strategic development, make the Fanski brand development is more and more prosperous!"